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Bespoke Website Development

Web Hosting Features

  • Free Domain Names
  • Large Web Space & Bandwidth
  • Windows and Linux Options
  • MySQL Databases
  • IMAP and POP3 Email
  • Webmail Access

Domain Name Registration

Registering your own domain name (eg. www.snsinternet.co.uk) gives your business credibility. It also allows you to have email addresses @yourdomainname.co.uk. For example:


We can offer a full range of TLDs (Top Level Domains) including:


Whilst we can offer domain name registration in isolation we prefer to include it as part of a package. Check out our business website starter package for instance.

Choosing your Domain Name

If www.yourbusinessname.co.uk is still available this will likely be the best option. However, you might want to consider a domain name which contains your keywords instead. eg. www.plumbersinnottingham.co.uk.

Contact us for more information.